Pick a Random State and Get Ready to Troll.

Have you ever been trolled? Reddit user elmhing tells their story about how a random stranger played a little prank on them.

"When visiting Anchorage, Alaska, this random old dude walked up to me and said -

'Didn't I run into you once in Nebraska?'

I said -

'Nope, I've never been to Nebraska'.

His reply -

'Neither have I! Must have been two other people!'

I got trolled".

Cheery Canadian Spots an Outsider.

What makes a tourist so noticeable? Reddit user bullet tells about his friendly encounter with Canadians. Do we look more confused? Is there a telltale sign that someone doesn't belong?

"I was walking around Montreal one day (I'm American) minding my own business and not saying anything, and someone passing me smiled and said -

'Welcome to Canada!'

How the hell do they always know?!"

Old Man Enjoys Handing Out Wiener Dogs.

Apparently before the times of sharing memes and pictures via internet or texting, people got a little creative. Reddit user SuperBearJew tells their funny encounter at a restaurant.

"In a restaurant while waiting for a meal when I was 8 or so, an old man walked up to me and asked if I would like a hot dog before my meal. Halfway through saying no he handed me a picture of a tiny wiener dog on a hot dog bun. It completely made my day"

Nobody Wants to See an Old Guy Pop Out THIS.

What would your response be? Reddit user jaybyrdie03 tells their story about when a random stranger said something that took them totally guard.

"Old guy comes up to me and says -

'Wanna see me pop out my glass eye?'.

Naturally I am caught off guard and all I can come up with is -

'No, that's okay'.

He says -

'Good because I don't have a glass eye. I always ask and no one has taken me up on the offer yet. Don't know what I would do if they did.'

Old guys are the best"

Redhead Gets Help Finding Mr. Just Okay.

Senile or no? Reddit user admiral_bonetopick tells his story about the time a random older man basically called him Mr Just Okay.

"I was walking out of the grocery store when a middle aged man approached me -

'Do you know that redhead that lives around here? You should meet her. I mean, you're not the worst'...

he said."

Some People Have a Strong Tepee Vibe.

What vibe are you giving off? Apparently Reddit user kandyshiva gives off a Teepee vibe?

"In NYC a bum came up to me and said -

'Man, what the white man did to your people was terrible. I love those tepees you live in though'.

My response was -

'hey man, I'm Indian. You know, like from India. I'm not Native American'.

His reply -

'man, I'm f--ked up. You looked like a tepee type of guy'..."