Dining with a bunch of kids can be tricky. Of course they want to run around, talk loud, and eating can be the last thing on their mind. Add to that an entitled mom and you've got quite the show! Reddit user shygirlturnedsassy tells of a time when 'Karen' comes in and adds to the scene.

"My dad owns and runs a restaurant in New Delhi. The other day a typical 'Karen' came in with her four kids and did all kinds of Karen things.

One of the desserts on the menu is Bengali Malpua. Karen demanded Rajasthani Malpua, which is a bit different and is not served at the restaurant. She caused a scene and ranted about how incompetent the kitchen staff must be and that the restaurant should give her a discount for not getting her Rajasthani Malpua.

'How dare you?' was uttered several times. My dad had to go out and calm her down. He explained to her that no, the restaurant wasn't going to give her a discount for not having something in the menu, and that the recipes for the two desserts were quite different and only one of them was made there. She finally calmed down.

Her four kids were as annoying as her. They screamed, ran around, threw food around. Several of the other customers complained. Karen had to be told to keep them quiet, otherwise she would be asked to leave. Karen whined about how the other customers should just mind their own business and begrudgingly told her kids to sit quietly.

She and her kids had ordered chicken and rotis. One of her kids had barely picked at his food. When she was presented with the check, she argued that she shouldn't have to pay for the meal that one of her kids hadn't eaten.

Because according to her infinite wisdom, 'He only ate a few morsels, you can sell it to someone else. I shouldn't have to pay for it.'

Karen looked like she had been sucker punched by a bunny rabbit when she was informed that's not how this works and that she would be paying for the whole meal. She started another rant about how 'ridiculous' this system was. Thus began another round of introducing Karen to logic.

My dad had to go out there again to confront her. He told her in no uncertain terms that she WILL have to pay for everything she had ordered regardless of how much of it was eaten. By this time, even some other customers began to chime in and let her know that she was crazy...

Ultimately, Karen did pay, while grumbling about how my dad scams people.

She then left in a chauffeur driven Hummer.

Unsurprisingly, she didn't tip."