"I had asked the universe for a sign of good and friendly people really existing out in this world. I know, it's kinda stupid, but I have struggled with making friends that weren't toxic, and I felt like I just wasn't destined to have great friends. About two days after I had asked for a sign, I went to my local park to do my daily routine of sitting down and reading. For some strange reason, a pair of strangers came up to me and introduced themselves. We ended up talking with each other for what felt like hours and eventually, I had asked them why they came up to me. 

The guy said, 'Oh, we made a deal to see if we could make any new friends, and we did. You're a new friend!'

After, we all walked and got some cookies and ice cream and chilled again, by the river this time. They both are now my closest friends, and it all started because I was at the right place and the right time for them to come up to me. I strongly believe that it was the universe's doing and am so grateful for it.

I changed my thoughts and my feelings about myself and those around me. I began to become a happier version of myself and thought of myself as a fun and happy person. I also began to feel the emotions of gratitude and happiness, and I would thank the universe for all the good things in my life. Remember, your thoughts and feelings are what create your future, and the universe knows nothing more but to attract to you what you attract to it!

My friends had wanted to make new friends for a while, they had actually made a deal that they would go up and try to make friends. It just happened to be I was the first person they met and ended up being the person they had hoped to meet! I guess all I can say is just have belief and faith in the universe, don’t worry about how you will make the friends you want, just believe that you already have them in your life and they will come. By asking for a sign, you're almost daring the universe to show that it is really looking out for you and the universe will always respond, just in a way that you won’t expect!"