Working in a veterinarian's office can be fast-paced and hectic. Pets are nervous or excited. Pet parents can be stressed and anxious. They all want to be seen 'right away' and often complain about the wait. That's exactly what was happening in this vet's office, but one lady chose to turn things around.

"One of our appointments was getting mad about how long she'd been waiting for her dog to be seen and our receptionist said something along the lines of "Look, we're doing the best we can and I'd appreciate if you would just be patient because even if we have to work through our lunch we will make sure your pet is being seen."

A while later we finished up and I brought her dog out and she handed me 2 bags of food and said "I heard you guys didn't get to take a lunch and I felt bad for being so impatient so I got you something to eat, thank you so much for taking care of my baby" and it made my entire day!"