"My wife gifted me an Apple Watch 3. It was an expensive gift and I was quite excited to wear one. I took care of it like a baby and was very careful with it. On 30th August, I removed the watch in the evening before going to bed. I woke up in the morning and took the watch out to charge it, and I was shocked to see the display cracked evenly from all four sides. I couldn't believe what I saw. There was no way, I had accidentally dropped the watch or hit it against a hard surface. I was pretty sure of that.

I went to the nearest store and stood in line for an appointment. There were a couple of other people in front of me. When it was my turn, I explained the situation with my watch and showed it to him. He started using his fingernails to inspect the crack, and I had to stop him immediately. He told me he was investigating the damage and concluded it was due to an external impact. The good thing was he called a couple of other guys from the Genius bar and they too started looking at the watch very carefully. One of the guys said there was no external impact and they would give me a new watch. They then proceeded to give me a token number and told me to bring the watch back when it was my turn and that it would take about two hours. And two hours it took.

I was then invited by another guy who took me to a different corner of the store and asked me where I dropped it, thinking I would 'confess' it was my mistake and they would be able to rip me off. I told him it was already checked by the experts and I needed a replacement.

He then proceeded to take down my details and said they would email me when the replacement watch arrived in their store. I was relieved, but I kept wondering what stopped them from taking the broken watch to a workbench and observe it under a magnifying glass and then come to a verdict rather than scratching with their nails to determine the cause of the broken screen.

They could have just decided to take down my request for a replacement and let me go rather than make me wait for two hours in the mall.
I got an email a week later informing me to collect the watch from the store.

I went to the store and the lady who attended to my case, brought out a new watch, opened the box, and handed it out to me. I was then told to remove the straps from the broken watch and to hand it over to her. She didn't even bother to help me fix the strap back on to the new watch.

I jokingly told her I hoped this watch wouldn't break on its own and she told me such things never happen, and I should not charge my watch all night. I don't know what that meant."