"Me and two buddies were on a night dive in the Puget Sound hunting prawns. It was about one AM, and we're a good hundred feet deep- the darkest black you could imagine. We used to do this thing on night dives where we'd get in a circle, turn off our lights, then stir up the water and watch the bio-luminescence float around us like floating stars in a black watery space. Beautiful. Only this one time, we turn off our lights, stir up the water, and the water glows just enough to reveal a fourth person sitting in our circle. We were at a dive resort, so it wasn't so odd to see another diver, only it was one AM--we'd seen no one else prepping a dive at the dock. He was also alone, which was odd considering the dangerous conditions of a night dive in those waters, and he had no fins or gloves. I don't know how he swam so well without fins, or didn't get hypothermia without boots or gloves. We wore dry-suits because it was so cold, but this dude was in a wet suit with exposed skin. We thought we saw a giant gash in one of the legs. So the three of us all notice him, and we're too freaking scared to move. I can hear my buddies panting in their regs, and the guy just smiles, waves, then swims away." Source