"I used to work in a four-star hotel bar/restaurant.

A well-dressed guy came in, ordered coffee, and set himself up with a work laptop. When I dropped the coffee off he said 'I'm meeting a very important client, he should be here in a minute, please take care of him quickly.'

Okay, buddy.

The bar wasn't busy so as soon as the client came in and sat down I took his drink order. As I made the client's order, the first guy was looking sheepish and struggling with his laptop. I dropped the client's order over and ask if everything else was alright.

The well-dressed guy said 'Your wifi isn't working,' with a tone that shouted 'You're making me look like an idiot, this is an extremely important meeting and your wifi situation is ruining this for me!'

I had just been on my morning break, using the wifi on my phone so I knew it was up and running. I asked if I could have a quick look at the laptop to check the connectivity. The guy audibly sneered at me and said patronizingly 'Ha, yeah, sure, as if YOU could possibly fix it!'

The client visibly reacted to the guy's attitude, very taken aback at how he was treating a young lady only trying to help, and looks at me apologetically. I gave the guy my trademark side-eye, swiveled the laptop around, and saw he had the WiFi switch set to OFF.

Wow. It's like this guy didn't even try!

Delighted, I nonchalantly declared, 'Oh, THERE'S the problem, you had the big WiFi button on the front of the laptop here switched to OFF, let me fix that for you!'

The guy's face turned white and then red with embarrassment, while his client bit his lip and looked away, trying not to laugh. Not only did you make yourself look like a rude prick but also an idiot!

The browser refreshed and the guy's Yahoo mail account loaded up. I swiveled the laptop back around and said 'Wow, Yahoo? Really? What is it 2005?'

The client lost it and burst out laughing."