It's a bad thing when too much power gets to someone's head. Luckily, in a democracy, we're allowed to hopefully vote those people out in those cases. Take this story from a citizen who was fed up with the way a local legislator handled an emergency. Your vote, your rules!

"A local politician threatened to sue and ruin an entire hospital because his son (who is 15-16) was told to wait in the ER, the doctors and nurses there had to care of 4 people who got in a car accident and another 2 had to be put in emergency surgery.

The politician even went to one of the patients and told him off for having the gall to get in an accident.

The entire community learned of the fiascos and some people went to his rallies dressed up as patients, booing him.

He took his son to the ER because his son stapled himself.

What made this even more stupid was that the area the accident happened in was an unfished road with no barriers the politician promised to have fixed for the past 10 years, it was also re-election time.

No, he wasn't elected.

Not really sure, all I knew was that he stapled himself.

He was a teen when he did it, so maybe stupidity. Don't actually know where he stapled himself."