"In my store, we had a line set-up in which where you entered the store, you entered the line, which began near the entrance. Then this line would span all over the store, so you would be able to pick up any item without leaving the line.

A woman stormed into the shop with an empty shopping cart and her two small children. She pushed through the line with the huge cart, elbowing everyone to the side so she and her children could get past. She went to the electronics section and picked up about 50 DVDs. Then, she pushed to the last register (which was quite hard to reach, since you had to push through eight different lines), and then just stood there and waited. She waited until someone was not paying enough attention and then quickly just took the spot and put her stuff on the register.

We had a 16-year-old boy at said register. He had to tell her that this was not the way things worked. She demanded to talk to a manager. One of our managers came over and explained to her what she did wrong. She explained that she thought the line was too long, so she took the spot because the guy behind her was not paying enough attention and she didn't want to wait in the line.

Our manager told her to either get back in the line or out of the store. Then, she slapped him.

Yes, she openhandedly slapped him.

I got a little angry even hearing this, but then, he retaliated and slapped her back. She screamed and called for security. The security laughed at her after the members of the line backed our manager up. She and her kids were taken out of the store. It took quite some physical force to actually get this woman out of the store.

She tried coming back in doing the same thing at another register twice."