Some people are just unbelievable! This story shared to our Storyblend Facebook Group caught many people off guard and created some heat.

The story goes like this...

One day a woman, who we will call Sally, noticed a pretty bird in her back yard. Oddly enough, the bird flew across the yard and landed directly on her. If this were to happen to me I would know instantly that this bird was in fact a family bird and some dear family was missing their pet bird. I wouldn't personally ever own a bird now but I've known people who owned them as pets in the past and I had a little chick when I was much younger. I remember that little chick and it made my day for about the 2 weeks we had it, so I can only image how this family felt owning their beautiful little cockatiel.

After the bird flew onto the Sally and she ran towards her house. She had many thoughts and concerns - "is it going to bite me... probably not much damage would be done? Do they peck people in the eye? Do I bring it in my house? I scoped my yard looking for things outside to put it it, what do I put a bird in? Do I bring it into my house? Do I bring it in my garage? What do I have anywhere to put a bird in?" She took the bird inside to to help save the bird and begin her journey to find the bird's owner.

Sally was not a bird owner, but bizarrely enough, she owned colorfully painted bird cages. She didn't want the bird to get away so she opened up a cage and the bird flew right in. I'm sure the bird felt right at home.

Sally was a good Samaritan. She began making "lost bird" signs to try to get in touch with the family. Before she left to hang up the signs, she called a friend to watch the bird. I don't really think that little bird needed a sitter, and that was her first mistake. She took the bird cage over to her friends house and left to complete her task at hand.

Almost immediately the bird's owner, who we will call Ann, came forward. It was not an ideal time for Ann to be dealing with the family's lost pet bird. Ann was very pregnant, just about ready to pop. Like any parent trying to teach their kid some responsibilities, she allowed her kids to clean the bird's cage. Unfortunately, they had forgotten to make sure all the windows were closed before letting the bird out.

Sally got off the phone with Ann and immediately called her friend who was watching the bird.

This is where things get heated...

Sally's friend, who we will call Kim, would not give the bird back which escalated into a heated argument.

Kim -

"well what kind of a person lets incompetent kids endanger a fragile helpless bird!"

Sally -

"A 9-MONTH PREGNANT PERSON, that's who... I'm coming to pick up the bird"

She kept arguing...

Kim -

"I already took it to the vet to be checked out, so I'm so much more responsible than a family that keeps pumping out kids even though they can't handle their own environment safely!"

Sally -

"Kim, I'm coming to get the bird, thank you for caring for it, but we HAVE TO GIVE the bird back"

Kim -

"NO, this bird is not going back to an irresponsible house!"

Sally -

"And what happens if she calls the police on you?"

Kim's final reply -

"OH, whoops, it just flew out my window... it's gone, so sorry"

Now who is the irresponsible one?

And just like that... click goes the phone.

What was Sally supposed to do? Do you believe that the bird actually flew out or was she just making that up as a decoy?

Sally immediately called the cockatiel owner to report back with what had transpired. She planned to advise her to call the police but before she could do that, Ann said she fully understands.

Ann began to explain the nature of cockatiels and how they interact with people. In fact, people get extremely attached to cockatiels instantly. Ann did not say she was going to call the police, she instead said that she will greatly miss her bird, but almost seemed to think Kim was right for keeping her bird.