We've all been there. I am actually the queen of doing nonsensical stuff and most of my friends and family make fun of me for it. This hilarious story was shared to our Storyblend Facebook Group I almost felt the personal shame because it resonates so well with me, and I'm sure many of you can relate! For all the guys out there, you're welcome. Make a note of this and don't do it, otherwise you may be shamed by your girlfriend! At least you can laugh about it after it's all said and done.

"So my boyfriend loves using whatever chemicals is around to clean stuff (except toilet bowl cleaner). I recently bought Febreeze for the bathroom due to certain smells for obvious reasons.

Anyway, I come home to finding my boyfriend cleaning the kitchen counters and it smells WONDERFUL! I look and I can't believe it... He's using the Febreeze. He's scrubbing really hard when he looks up and and tells me "Babe, don't buy this again, it doesn't work."

I sigh, and point out to him that it's Febreeze to get rid of his lasting fumes!

What am I going to do with him?"

Laugh girl - that's what you're going to do with him! And then make fun of him for the next few months, or even years!