"I picked my Maid of Honor because she was my best friend for 11 years, since the beginning of high school. I considered her a sister since I’m an only child. We were practically joined at the hip. We were always hanging out or on the phone with each other.

When it came time to marry my husband, I told her she had to write and give a speech at the reception and plan the bachelorette party. I said ‘no’ when my mom wanted to give me a bridal shower because I didn’t want to get gifts for so many events. I felt uncomfortable like I would have been milking everyone. Plus, my husband and I were living together and didn’t really need anything anyway. I do not regret the decision not to have a bridal shower. Wedding gifts were enough for me.

My Maid of Honor didn’t throw me a bachelorette party. I really wanted one and was hurt that she decided not to do it after I asked her to. My husband thought it was very sad. The night before the wedding, my husband’s best man and his groomsmen picked him up for his bachelor party. He called me a few hours later when I was getting ready for bed, and asked me if I was ok and told me he loved me. He asked me to come out to where they were because he wanted to buy me a drink.

My Maid of Honor was with me, so she came with me. My husband wanted his party at a brewhouse instead of a club. They had a band, not a DJ. I went outside between drinks because my friend and my husband’s brother and best man smoked. Every time we went outside, the best man and brother told me how bored they were. They wanted to go to a club and get crazy, but they let my husband choose where he wanted to go. They also said that my stepdad was boring and old and shouldn’t have been there. They said this to my face. They ended up DITCHING my husband because they were bored.

My Maid of Honor didn’t write a speech for my wedding. She told me that she didn’t know I was being serious about the party and the speech. I was embarrassed and everyone was shocked by the speech she gave. This was 13 years ago and I still skip over it when I watch the video.

It was along the lines of, 'Boy am I nervous, I love this girl, I’m nervous. She’s my best friend, I’m nervous and I don’t know what to say.'

Humiliating. So humiliating.

Hindsight 20/20. I should’ve fought harder to get the party, even though I shouldn’t have had to. I realized how much my friend really didn’t care about me when she couldn’t think of anything to say to me at my wedding in front of my friends and family. I felt unloved."