"I worked for Walmart for 12 years, and we had a customer we all hated. She was in her 60s, and her name was something like Miss DeSantos but we called her Miss DeSatan. She always stated, 'I own Walmart Stocks' and then proceeded to treat us like vermin, looking down on us like something stuck to the bottom of her shoe. She’d have one of our people assist her for hours shopping, taking her time, picking this, sending it back for something else a bit cheaper, only to get to the front and exclaim that she had changed her mind, and leaving empty-handed.

So one day I checked her out, now keep in mind that with her, a two to three-minute checkout would take 15 to 20 minutes as she’d argue about the price of every single item. We’d have to check it and verify it. She’d try using an expired coupon, all the while stating she couldn’t believe the treatment she was getting as she owned Walmart stock.

So after I checked her out and sent her on her way, the store security officer ran up and shut off my register. There was no one else in line at that moment, so he continued to enter his code and run off a duplicate receipt of her transaction. He looked it over and cracked a big grin look at me.

He said, 'Got Her! come with me and assist.'

My heart was pounding, and I was starting to feel giddy as I went out the front with him. We spotted her getting ready to load the stuff from her cart into her trunk. He ran up and identified himself, and stated he observed her place two tubes of lipstick into her purse, and according to the receipt (he started to wave his copy in her face) she never paid for it. Now my heart was really pounding and I was getting even giddier.

And out she popped with…yeah, you guessed it, 'I own Walmart stock.'

He looked her in the eyes and said, 'That doesn’t give you the right to steal from here ever. That’s not how you get your dividends.'

I barely kept from doubling over with laughter, especially when she tried the 'Oh poor forgetful me' routine.

Now Walmart back then had a policy about not prosecuting the elderly no matter how much they took, as it just looked bad for the big mean company to go after the nice old person. But we also had many who may have genuinely forgotten they had taken something, so instead, we’d no-trespass them. So that was what he did to her. We all knew her mean face, but he posted her picture prominently by the service desk for all to see. She tried to come back a month later and we came down on her like a ton of bricks and sent her packing. First, she stated she was there to go to McDonald’s, nope it was on company property, so she had to go to one of the others in town. She left, all while proclaiming, 'I own Walmart stock.'"