"Around two years ago, we moved to a new house, and the realtor company gave us a housewarming basket that included a prepaid gift card for about 150 bucks. About a year ago, my mom discovered that we never used the card. It was expired, and she was sure we could ask for a new one. So we were driving in the car and my mom called the realtors on the Bluetooth speaker extension to her car. I was in the seat next to her, and the whole thing just unfolded like this:

Mom: 'Hi, I'm calling about the gift card part of our housewarming basket?'

Secretary: 'Hello! What seems to be the issue?'

Mom: 'Well it's expired, and I wanted to know the protocol for getting a new one.'

Here, the secretary was rightfully confused.

Secretary: 'Ma'am, I'm sorry to tell you this, but if it's expired we cannot give you a new one.'

Mom: 'But what am I supposed to do now? You are always supposed to accommodate us! We deserve the card! How would we know that it would expire eventually?'

I was groaning internally at every use of we. It was a gift card, it is not something we paid for and had the right for. It's just unfortunate that it expired.

Secretary: 'Sorry, but we cannot give you a new card.'

My mom continued to yell for a bit at the poor secretary and then demanded to talk to a higher-up, who told her exactly the same thing. They were under no right to replace the gift card. My mom was very upset and hung up the call, and called the secretary again. It was like a never-ending circle of awfulness while we drove. I just wanted to listen to the radio! Eventually, she accepted defeat.

I personally was super glad they refused, as this would help wean my mom off her habit. I of course didn't tell her that, or I would have faced her wrath."