A short and funny story about a genuinely stupid Karen.

"At one of the restaurants I used to manage, we had this really expensive lobster dish. We coated it in corn starch, quartered it up, and fried it. The effect was really cool and tasty.

One night, the kitchen accidentally left the rubber bands on the claws...sucks, but no biggie, no actual harm.

I was called over to the table, Karen asked about the bands, and I apologized. I offered to make a new one, she declined, I mentioned no harm to her, they are food safe, all is well. Not two or three minutes later do I get called over to her table again, this time she's freaking out.

She tried to eat the rubber bands!

She freaked out on me. Her family told her to calm down, and they just looked at her like she was the biggest idiot in the world."