One Storyblender shared their story on the Storyblend Facebook Group about a time they not only got caught in a lie, but there was also some messy collateral damage along the way.

"When I was 13 my Family fell on some tough times in 1967 and we had to Move to a Rough Housing project. Our Apartment was on the 5th floor, but we had a wonderful view of the ocean.

My Mother was bragging to her friends and family about how much her kids loved her homemade chop suey. Needless to say, we didn't like it at all. She made it for supper one day, and my little sister took one look at it and looked like she was going to faint. At that point, I shook my head, and motioned for her not to worry.

As soon as Ma left I put them both on my plate, opened the apartment window, and dumped it out. I then smiled at my sister.

After dinner, we were watching tv when someone knocked on the door. My mother opened it, to find the lady that lived below us. The neighbor asked her, "did you have chop suey tonight?"

Unfortunately for her, and for us now, she had put her head out the window just as I was chucking that crap away."

Ope, they were caught.... it's sweet though that they just didn't want to hurt their mother's feelings! I'm sure it was a sight to see as they looked out the door and saw the neighbor with chop suey all over their head.