"My dad was a detective in an unmarked car, coming back from a hearing. He was not in his jurisdiction and going 35 to 40 in a 35 zone. There was a woman behind him riding his tail, which he mostly ignored because he wasn't going painfully slow, in fact, a bit over the speed limit. She started beeping her horn and waving her arms, swerving side to side like she was trying to find a way to zoom around him.

He was also approaching the township line, putting him within his jurisdiction. Five seconds after he crossed the township line, the woman sped around him. Funny enough, at this township line the speed limit also dropped from 35 to 25. He clocks her going 55, put on his removable police light and pulled her over.

Now, this is where things get funky. His car had a dash cam and recorded everything. This detail will be important soon. As he walked up to her window, she was visibly shaking in anger. He showed her his badge, explained who he was (as he was in suit and tie, not standard police uniform), and told her he clocked her at 55 in a 25. He then asked her for her license and registration, and she responded by screaming about him intimately assaulting her out the window as loud as she could.

He ended up going to court for 'assault.' This woman was claiming my dad reached into her window, grabbed her chest, and said he wouldn't write her a ticket if she were willing to 'play ball.' My dad was mildly stressed but reviewed the dash cam (full audio and good quality video) with his appointed lawyer, which showed none of that ever happened, and my father never even put his hand inside her car.

The judge heard the woman's testimony and asked if she had told the truth. She claimed that she had. At that point, they brought out the TV and played the dash cam. The judge informed her she should ask for leniency, and maybe she would receive a break from false charges.

From my understanding, to avoid jail time, she agreed to a very long probation period and community service."