It's amazing how quickly our lives can change. Breakups, loss, health, so quickly things can diminish into the past. This story was shared on our Storyblend Facebook Group, there was no resolution to the end of the story but we hope and pray our Storyblender delivered, or is going to deliver, a healthy baby and that her life turns around. I know from personal experience how bad a divorce can be, and I pray she will meet a wonderful man down the road who will treat her the way she deserves to be treated.

"I'm a mom to an angel baby, a stillbirth, and a happy, healthy 2 year old. All my children have been girls and now I'm 23 and pregnant again.

I found out I was pregnant in early March. I estimated that I would be due at the end of October or beginning of November. I was not too excited to be pregnant because I was moving across the country. I went to the doctor at end of March when we arrived to our new state and I find out my due date was Halloween. Now, both my boyfriend and I are excited. He is the father of all my kids and when he proposed we decided to do a courthouse wedding. I didn't care if we ever got married, I didn't feel I needed to. Unfortunately because of Covid-19, the courts were closed. Luckily, they sent us paperwork to fill out, we sent the completed documents back, then they stamped the marriage license and returned the official document back to us. Boom, we were married in Colorado for $30. Everything is good! We are both happy.

Then, it hits. Not even a month later, I find him calling another other girl 'love' on Facebook; mind you it's a girl he knows from playing video games. He says she's just a friend. I told him that if he wants to make it work then he should tell me every time they speak and we should see a counselor. We have kids together, I want to try to make it work and he was agreeable. I gave him an ultimatum: he had 2 weeks to find a counselor for us or I was walking. He dragged his feet but found one at the end of that 2 weeks.

The day of this appointment I'm nearly 22 weeks pregnant. We went to counselor and all he was doing was trying to argue. I was calm and the counselor told him that he needs to calm down and man up or we won't be able to work it out. I have some minor things to work on to, but we all do.

After the appointment, we go home and I'm playing video games with my brother and cousin. Meanwhile, he's in the other room talking to the girl. The next moment, I felt like I went to the bathroom on myself a little and I go to the bathroom to see what happened. I look down and the whole toilet is filled with blood. He asked if he needed to go to the doctor with me. Obviously he needs to, everyone tells him yes. At this point, I think I'm losing another baby and all I hear is him groaning. I get to hospital and they put me on the monitor to check how things are going. My baby is alive and I felt instant relief, but it was very short lived. They proceed with an ultrasound and find out the baby has a condition called Hydrops fetalis, a severe anemia and swelling of fluid which has a 50% chance survival rate. They also tell me I have Placenta Previa which can make her condition worse. I had to go to a specialist at the hospital so they could run tests and do a blood transfusion on the baby in my belly. There was a 1% chance that my water would break from this procedure and I guess I was that 1%, because it did. I went in and out of the hospital the next two weeks due to complications.

My husband did not come to any of my hospital visits except the first one. My mom and grandma have been alternating to help me through the process. He would tell me that I'm not being supportive of him and he wants to split up. I agreed because clearly he was not being supportive of me or the situation. I didn't care what he did, I had to keep the baby alive. All the while, he's also refused to help me with our two year old. My grandma and mom are also pitching in and switching off helping with my daughter as well.

Three weeks into this craziness, we found out this case of Hydrops is treatable because it was from a virus. Unfortunately they needed to do a second blood transfusion on her again and this time I was nearly 25 weeks. After the second transfusion she was looking better and they told me she would be ok as far as Hydrops is concerned. Unfortunately, they also told me that since the water broke I needed to be in hospital at 25 weeks until my baby is born at 34 weeks.

Due to COVID-19 my daughter couldn't technically see me. We could see each other one time per week on my fresh air wheel chair walks, which was only 20 minutes. I am now 26 weeks today and I saw her for the first time yesterday. Since I've been in the hospital my husband has told me that he didn't care about this baby, our two year old or me. He stole about a thousand dollars from my 2 year year old's account so he can abandon us, buy a plane ticket and go back to his mom's house. To top it all off, he refuses to pitch in on the bills for July yet lived in my mom's house the whole month. This is not the man I met 4 years ago. This man told me he didn't care if the baby lived or died and I'm not in love with someone who could say or think that. I am stressed since my water broke so early and worried about how underdeveloped her lungs could be. Roll in the stress of the fact that I can hardly see my toddler. I think my husband is trying to make me lose the baby, he is purposely making the separation harder than it needs to be but I can't prove anything. I don't understand how things could change so quickly."