"I met a guy off a dating app at a restaurant. He looked nothing like his picture, but fine, I'm not rude. He ordered diet Dr. Pepper with his meal, and drank the first one in 30 seconds or so, and started snapping at the waitress for more. I swear he drank 15-25 cups at least during this awful meal. I've never seen anything like it, and I was really uncomfortable and grossed out. He kept bringing up meeting his kids because they need a stepmom, and his mother, because he's close to her, and she was gonna really love having me.

He practically licked his plate clean, and I was so uneasy, I couldn't eat. So, he got a to-go box for my food, but for himself. I kept thinking gluttony (who drinks like that?), no manners at all either. He even called his mom to let her know he found 'the one.'

I was barely even talking because his behavior was so gross, and then he didn't leave a tip. I went back and put a tip, and I took my time hoping he would just leave but no, he was waiting. We went outside, and I was a little scared to walk to my car because of him saying his kids would love me as a stepmom, and other nonsense. I told him 'Thanks and bye', and he asked for a hug. I said I was not comfortable giving hugs to people at all, even ones I know well, so no. He then asked for a kiss. Now, what the heck was he thinking? If I don't hug you, why on earth would I kiss you? Seriously? I said no way. He then got closer and was begging me for one little kiss. I stepped back, and said no thanks, seriously no.

I decided to just walk to my car, and drive to a store in case he followed me. He followed me to my car and was still asking for a kiss. I got in and locked the doors, and drove off fast, hoping he didn't have time to follow me. I swear he teleported in his car because he was right behind me (he didn't obviously, he just happened to be parked a car away). I did drive around aimlessly for a while, then went to Target because I was really afraid to drive straight home. It was crazy.

Then he started texting me. I was trying to be nice, especially since it was the first date I'd gone on in years, and I thought maybe this is normal behavior? Maybe I was being weird. He sent me photos of his kids in fancy clothes, saying they just bought new wedding outfits. He sent me pictures of him cooking chicken, and of a pool, and told me I was to come to spend the weekend swimming and eating at his place. He said he told his mom about me, and she couldn't wait to meet me.

I blocked his number, then he started messaging me through the dating app. So, I deleted the app. Scared me honestly, and I didn't go on another date for a couple of years. The way he was dressed really bothered me too, which I know is stupid, but he was wearing a pink polo with Jean shorts, and black dress shoes, with white socks, pulled up to his knees. The whole thing was kinda scary and kind of embarrassing."