If you thought your landlord was bad for taking a while to respond to a maintenance request, wait until you read these terrible stories. Tenants revealed the creepiest encounters they've had with their landlords and they are downright terrifying. Once you read number 11, you'll never want to rent a place ever again!

"It wasn't uncommon to wake up and..."

"It wasn't uncommon to wake up and find him in your room 'inspecting' something. People who lived in his buildings said he'd sometimes take baths in other people's bathrooms."

"No one wanted to be alone with him."

"He kept the credit card machine on a spot on his desk where you had to lean over to reach. As a result, your boobs would dangle super close to his face. The girls in my building would all go pay rent together because no one wanted to be alone with him."

"I came back early and found..."

"My landlord asked if I was going home for Christmas and I said I was. Christmas sucked so I came back early and found my landlord and three of his buddies smoking cigarettes, drinking beer and playing poker in my living room."

"Are you a communist?"

"Bill was about 70 and a little crazy. He asked where I was from and I told him Madison, WI. He replied, 'Madison is full of communists. Are you a communist? Are you a socialist? No democrats or leftists are allowed in this building. If I find out you're inviting them over, you're evicted.'"

"If I didn't answer the door, my landlord would..."

"If I didn't answer the door, my landlord would knock on my bedroom window. If I still didn't answer, he'd open the window (they were really crappy old windows) and shout into it."

"It was discovered that he had hid..."

After a guy rented out a home in the Hamptons, it was discovered that he had hid multiple cameras in the home and allegedly filmed a family, which included children.

"My landlord asked me out on a date."

"My landlord asked me out on a date, I said no yesterday. This morning he messaged me saying I have 1 week to move out."

"I witnessed my landlord..."

"I was passing by the cluster of mailboxes yesterday when I witnessed my landlord digging in everyone's mailboxes. I even saw him dig in mine. I don't know if he actually opened anyone's mail."

"My last landlord charged us for..."

"My last landlord charged us for allegedly taking a sneaker drying rack when we moved out. We had no idea what he was talking about, but he said he knew it was in the apartment because he would come down to to our apartment to dry his shoes when we're weren't home."

"She had a feeling someone had been in her apartment."

"My neighbor moved because she caught the building manager sneaking into her apartment at night and watching her sleep. She had a weird feeling someone had been in her apartment so she set up a camera. She caught him using his key to let himself in about 3am and then standing by her bed for about an hour watching her sleep."

"7 months after I moved out..."

"7 months after I moved out I get a call from a collections agency saying I'm in debt for around $4,000! I have no idea what they're talking about. Apparently Larry said that not only did I not pay rent, which is a lie, but also that he classified my apartment as "abandoned" and kept charging me rent throughout the summer."

"He's an alcoholic."

"He told me that to expect the heating bill for this month to be over $300, in a 800 square foot place in the South. He's an alcoholic, who is frequently drunk during business hours, and shows up at my house that way."