"My parents owned a franchise deli around twelve years ago. My mom was there full-time making things run smoothly and my dad would be there sometimes to help out when he wasn't working his tech job. Well, this lady came in one time and ordered her food. When it arrived, she claimed the kitchen made it incorrectly. 

My mom apologized for the inconvenience and comped her meal as well as gave her a certificate for a free sandwich the next time the lady came in. 

So the lady came in again, ordered her food, and again claimed it was made incorrectly. 

My mom again apologized and gave her another coupon for a free sandwich. This happened probably one or two more times. 

My dad had heard about it and was convinced they were just being scammed by this lady.

Well, the next time the lady came in, my dad happened to be working the kitchen. The Sandwich lady came through the drive-thru and ordered. My mom recognized her and, to make sure everything was perfect, my dad made her food himself and gave it to her. 

A couple of minutes later, the lady called the store to say her food had been made wrong again! 

My mom set the phone down, went to my dad, and said, 'That lady is on the phone and says you made her food wrong again...'

My dad said, 'You tell that bimbo I didn't make her food wrong and that she is never welcome in this restaurant again!'

My mom picked up the phone and said, 'Uh,' but the lady cut her off.

'I heard that! You tell that boy he is fired!'

My mom responded with, 'Ma'am, that 'boy' is the owner of the restaurant.' 

The lady hung up and never returned! My parents both had a long laugh about that whenever they are thinking of all the stupid stuff that went on with that restaurant."