The customer is always right. Those are the last words an employee wants to hear. Especially an employee who has to deal with 'Karen' ordering all the time. Always asking for very specific orders and ALWAYS finding something to complain about, in hopes of getting something for free. This Karen story has a happy ending and is dedicated to all the delivery drivers.

"I used to work at a pizzeria. There was this one customer that everyone hated. She was rude as heck and she complained about everything (every single order she ever received, she found something to complain about). She wasn’t a normal customer either. She would essentially order groceries from us by ordering disassembled sandwiches. For example, she’d order a chicken sandwich, but with all the ingredients separate and in particular amounts with cutlery, butter, a side of grated cheese, three plates, oil and vinegar on the side, 'medium rare' toasted bread (whatever that means), and extra packets of ranch. But because it was all technically part of a 'sandwich,' she didn’t expect to be charged for any of the extras and would complain.

She also refused to answer the door when delivery drivers got there and instead would leave the money in an envelope (exact change, no tip) under the doormat and wanted the driver to leave the food on her doorstep. She had weird specifications about where the driver could park (never in her driveway, only on the street, even when it was raining or she’d complain). Also, she didn’t want them to announce their arrival in any way (no knocking, no ringing the bell, no beeping their car horns, they needed to be silent or she’d complain). Freaking nightmare, this woman. And every time she complained, she’d try to weasel some free stuff out of us for next time (because of-freaking-course she would).

Anyway, one day she says she needs the driver to make change, and she wants him to just leave the change in the envelope and not take a tip because 'he gets paid already.' So I tell my driver this, and he says, 'ohhh I get paid, do I? No problem, I’ll take care of it.'

He goes on the delivery and comes back pleased as punch, doesn’t say a word about how he 'took care of it.' I get distracted and keep working. About 10 minutes later, I get a phone call. It’s the crazy lady, and she’s FURIOUS because apparently my driver left her the correct change of $5.85 in the envelope like she asked.....IN PENNIES.

Freaking genius. I had to put her on hold so I could laugh. I get back on the phone with her and I said 'ma’am, I think you’ll find that pennies are legal tender. There’s nothing I can do.' After explaining that I am, indeed, the manager and the highest authority present, she got fed up and hung up on me. That driver is still a king to me."