"I'm a taxi driver. I got a call, pulled up to the address and rang the cellphone number. No answer, rang a few minutes later, she picked up, asked me not to leave. I sat in my car waiting and heard some noise coming from the residence. It sounded familiar but I couldn't quite understand what it was. A few minutes pass by and the door opened. A woman emerged from the door. She waved at me, hollering that she's coming. Her voice was harsh, it made that sound you only get from yelling continuously. Behind her was a large man. To say the least he was unhappy about her leaving. She gave me the address when she got in the cab. We made to the end of the street and she asked to turn around because she had forgotten her purse. I knew what the situation was back at her house. I tell her she can pay the fare tomorrow. But she insisted so we went back. She went in and I sat there waiting hoping she walks right back out. Five minutes go by and I've heard nothing. So I call the number again. No answer. I honk the horn. A few more minutes pass. I start getting worried, so I held down the horn and finally the guy comes out. He yells at me to go away making up some fake story that she left, went out the back. I responded that 'my passenger has the meter running and she needs to come out and pay it or I'm calling the cops.' He turned around and out she came. When she got into the car I could see she was crying and asked her if she was ok. Obviously she wasn't but she said she was fine and we continued on to her destination. The remainder of the ride was quiet. We pulled into the drive way of the destination, she paid in cash and stopped before climbing out of the car. Looking at me she said 'Thank you for not leaving' and that was that. I can tell you that domestic violence is a hard cycle to break. I'm about to enter a nursing program and I learn the skills the help people in the way she needed. To not freeze up, to help in anyway I can, to say what needs to be said. To make a difference." Source