If this happened to me I would not sleep again. At least not in the same room. Or maybe not even in the same house. Fedorne shares some strange occurrences that kept happening during the night.

"Alright, there is one event that happened to me in high-school that I've always wondered about. There was a month or so where my sleep paralysis was happening almost every night. In these paralysis episodes, they mostly consisted of me seeing a dark figure walking around my room. Coming by my bed and staring at me, similar things like this. Well, I wake up one morning to my dad asking me if I had woken up in the middle of the night to use the restroom or anything like that, I inform him that I did not. He goes on to tell me that he heard footsteps in my room (my room was upstairs) that night so he comes up to see what's going on. In my closet, there is a door that leads to the attic, which at this time he found open, which is odd since there is usually a lock on it. After he told me this we kind of just shrugged it off as an odd occurrence. Later on that same week I find a question mark written into the dust of a mirror that sits against my wall, which I am more than 100% sure had not been there before that day, and it had been dusty for a while so it's not like someone did that a month ago or whenever."