"I work at a grocery store and a woman and her little girl went through with a cart full of groceries. It was the first week of the month and she was using her EBT card. For some reason, it was declined and she started crying. She thanked us for trying it a few times and she didn't understand why it wasn't working. 

It was payday and I didn't make a whole lot as I was only a part-time worker. However, I went over to the bank in the store and cashed my check. I went to our customer service desk where she was on the phone with the bank and gave it over quietly. My coworker paid for the rest and we didn't make it a big deal. She wasn't paying attention and was just handed the receipt and told her to go home and enjoy the day and we took care of it. She cried harder and thanked everyone and asked for a manager and was telling her little girl that this was a miracle. 

We had to tell her to not get a manager because where I work, giving money during your shift is grounds for suspension. I will always remember her gratitude."