"I used to work at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, where we would pick you up. I went to pick up a customer who was renting a car for a weekend getaway. Once I got to her apartment, I called her and she came downstairs.

Lady: 'Ok, I'll follow you back to the office.'

Me (confused): 'I'm here to pick you up and drive you back to the office.'

Lady: 'What am I supposed to do with my car?'

Me: 'Were you planning on leaving your car at our lot over the weekend?'

Lady: 'No.'

Me (more confused): 'Why are you going to follow me in your car? I can drive you back to the office, finish the paperwork, and you can take the rental car from there.'

Lady (not grasping the concept): 'Well how are you going to get back?'

Me: 'I'll drive us both, in this rental car, back to the office, where we can do the paperwork and you can take the rental car from there. That way, your personal car is still at your apt. And when you return the car on Monday, you can drive the rental car back to us, we'll close out the paperwork, and we'll give you a ride home. Sound like a plan?'

Lady: 'That doesn't make sense. You're making this way too difficult. I'll just follow you in my car.'

Me (thinking the customer is always right!): 'Ok!'

We went back to the office, I finished the paperwork (still astonished she qualified to rent a car), and handed her the keys to the car.

Lady: 'Ok, how do I get my car back to my apartment?'

Me: '...'

Lady: 'Can you drive my car back to my apartment?'

Me: 'I'm not authorized to drive your car. You're welcome to leave it here on the lot over the weekend if you want.'

Lady: 'Ok, can you drive the rental car and follow me back to my house so I can drop off my car?'

Me: 'This is what I was trying to do when I picked you up! There was no need to take two cars.'

Lady: 'I'd like to speak to your manager.'"