"Last May, right around my university graduation, my friends and I went to see The Avengers. We were seated next to this mom and her toddler who was probably about five years old. Everybody was really excited to see it, and it was actually my second time seeing it.

The toddler randomly throughout the movie sang his alphabet song, counted random things on the screen, and cried. The mom sat there and did absolutely nothing to even try to calm her child down and keep him from ruining the movie for everybody in the theater. It got to be about maybe a third of the movie being done, and one of my friends couldn't take it anymore and tapped the mom on the shoulder and very politely requested that she try to calm down her child. She acted like an insane psycho freak who was totally offended that he would even attempt to ask such a question. I didn't hear what was said, but he went back to his seat very angry.

Then another twenty minutes or so passed with her son doing what children do, and she just continued to watch the movie. Finally, I got fed up with it because the movie was about to get to the good part with all the action. I leaned over and said something along the lines of, 'Excuse me, ma'am, do you mind calming down your child?'

This psycho replied very rudely and aggressively with, 'I'm going to ask you to get out of my personal space or I'm going to make a scene. You don't want me to make a scene.'

At this point, I'm thinking 'whoa what the heck lady?!' I went back to my seat and waited to see if her behavior changed any. After fifteen minutes of nothing changing, I got up and went get the management. Normally, I wouldn't because children can't be controlled especially when it's a movie that they probably don't even understand or want to see. However, this lady was such an aggressive and incompetent idiot that I just had to.

I brought management in and showed them who it is. By the way, while I was gone, she had turned on Angry Birds on full blast sound for her child and couldn't figure out how to put the phone on silent.

When I got up to her seat, she pointed her finger at me and gets within an inch of my face, and said, 'You, I want to see you outside now!'

She refused to leave the theater and all the while I'm saying, 'Can we please go outside. I don't want to ruin the movie for everybody else.'

My boyfriend went outside with me at this point. Security guards got in between us outside because the lady was just flipping out.

She kept ranting, 'I am a mom. I have the right to be here. I paid money to see the movie.'

She basically acted like having a child justified totally disrupting the movie for the whole theater. She was an overall very angry individual. Quite selfish if you ask me.

I just kept saying, 'Yes, you do have the right to be here as does your child but you don't have the right to ruin the movie for an entire theater of people who also paid money to see the movie.'

Then the lady lied to the management and pretended to play the 'good mommy' victim by saying that she was just about to leave when she noticed her child wasn't going to behave. It was a load of garbage.

By then, half the movie was over, and she hadn't budged an inch. She only left because I got the management to throw her out of the movie.

I believe they refunded her for her to see the movie another day. 

I then went back in to enjoy the rest of the movie.

The funny thing was another friend went to see The Avengers the next day and said some mom walked out complaining that it was the second time people were complaining about her child. I bet you it was that same idiot mom."