"I used to work for Walmart at the Customer Service desk at one point. One day, I had a customer bring up a Drivers License they found on the floor near the front door. I figured that I should try to page the person using the intercom to the front using the name shown on the License. After ten minutes or so, nobody had come up to claim it, so I set it in the back and asked a manager to come up to lock it in the lost and found. At this point, I assumed it was the end of it all and the person might call later to see if it was left behind. But no.

Roughly twenty minutes after my original page, a very loud-spoken woman got in line with a child around the age of four. She was sitting in one of our electric carts, yelling at her child, who was standing next to her, to sit on the chair in the corner of customer service. I finished up assisting the person in front of her and went to move the items they returned off the desk, so I could assist this blaring mother and her child. Before I can even move anything, no before I could even make eye contact this woman began screaming at me asking what I wanted from her. At this point, I had completely forgotten about the Drivers License. I was so dumbfounded at the fact she was screaming at me for what I thought was for no reason. I maintained my cool as much as I could and explained to her she waited in line and came up to me, so I needed to know how I could help her. She then claimed I had been screaming her name over the entire store for almost ten minutes straight. This is where I remembered the Drivers License and became relieved someone was there to claim it. I was under the impression the customer would feel the same way after finding out I had their license as well. But no.

This thing screamed even louder and began to tell me about how I had wasted over twenty minutes of her time. She started throwing her items on my counter telling me I was going to check her out up here, and how she refused to wait in line. On top of this, she started to tell me I wasted so much of her time, that all her frozen food was ruined and said she wanted a fifty-dollar gift card and for her grocery trip today to be free. At this point, I was floored. I was ready to jump over the table and cut her license up in front of her face. I somehow managed to maintain my cool and call a manager up to handle everything. A manager came up and this thing kept screaming, telling my manager I deserved to be fired. My manager luckily took my side and told the woman she could replace her frozen items with new ones that had been in the freezer and let her know she wouldn't be getting any gift cards. This lady continued to throw a fit and started screaming at her young four-year-old daughter to follow her. Keep in mind, she was still in one of the electric carts. She left her stuff near the front door and didn't purchase anything. I was given an extra break due to the whole situation and was glad it was all over and done with. But no.

A week or so later, a couple of people from corporate showed up and scheduled a meeting with me and my manager. Yep, that's right, this woman even called Walmart corporate and filed a complaint. She told them all about how I deserved to lose my job, how 'rude' I was, and how I had wasted her time by not sending someone to find her in the store and deliver her license. The meeting started off with corporate making it sound like I was in the wrong. I asked both of them if this woman ever mentioned she spoke with a manager, and of course, she didn't. To wrap it up, they pretty much had me explain what happened and then checked with the manager who came up that day. After hearing my side and having my manager back me up, I think they figured out the lady was just a nutjob looking for free stuff. I didn't hear anything of it after that."