"I was walking outside at 2 a.m., looking at my phone and listening to music with my headphones. I was completely zoned out. I was about to cross a street and briefly glanced if there was a car coming (I looked the wrong way), and if the light was green or not. Right as I was in the middle of the road, a car was basically three feet away from me. The last thing I see was the blinding headlights right below my knees and the horn blaring through my music.

A fraction of a second passes and I almost fall off my feet because I was expecting the impact and bracing for it.

I open my eyes and see myself a good ten feet away from the edge of the road. The song had changed, the light for the cars is green, and I see the red tail lights of a lone car driving down along the road. My heart is pounding out of my chest, and I had to sit down for a while.

I get home and start reading about near-death experiences. I stumble on an idea called 'Quantum immortality.' Not sure if it messed me up even more, but the idea is that if you die in one parallel universe, your consciousness still continues in the ones where you live. I was more heartbroken about the thought of my mother having to bury me in my original universe than I was about my own death."