It's pretty freaky to find out someone is watching you.  Add to that weird phone calls and leaving gifts  - all from an ex-con - and the creepiness escalates quickly! MaryTylerRoar shares her experience with someone she barely even knew.

"My work started using a program that began hiring ex-cons. One of the guys hired through this program started showing interest in me. I wasn't attracted to him at all and made it clear to him...repeatedly. Long story short he got fired 3 months later but kept coming around the store "to visit his friends". I go out to my car to read during lunch like normal and there is a creepy metal and mesh flower on my windshield. I look around the parking lot to see who could have left it and see no one. I threw it into a grassy area and forget about it. I read through my lunch hour and go inside and no sooner than I clock in I hear a page that I have a phone call. It's him. All he says is "You look so pretty when you're reading". I hung up immediately and told the manager. He kept doing more things that escalated the creepiness. I ended up getting an emergency restraining order against him when I found out he added me as an emergency contact with his parole officer. I didn't even know him!!!"