"This actually happened recently. My sister and I aren’t all that close, though I really wish we were. We ended up being two very different kids. Our family is very strict spiritually and she ended up pretty much the same as my parents. She’s 19 and doesn’t swear, drink, smoke, etc. I'm 20 and ended up being the opposite.

Not long ago one of my best friends passed away at his own hands and I went in a very downward spiral after seeing him scattered on his front lawn. All my friends moved away for college or joined the military and I was alone. I began to drink very heavily and it was terrible. I’d go to parties with people I barely knew and would act like I was enjoying the good times and being social but in reality, I just wanted to drink away the pain.
One night I went to a bonfire and got very wasted. I cried to myself in the bathroom, peed on the homeowners' garage door, jumped off a roof and kept stumbling and falling the entire time.

The girl who took me to the party took me back to her house and I honestly just wanted to go home. I had lost my car keys and my car was somewhere else I couldn’t remember. I called my sister around 2:00 am and asked if she could take me home. I didn’t know how she’d react but she immediately replies with 'of course, I’ll leave now just send the address.'

My sister drove 20 minutes to come to get me and take me home. I remember my mom called right after my sister left and was so upset. She said something like, 'you bring your sister's car back here. Now.'

And I explained I was wasted and she was coming to get me. My mom kinda just went 'oh, okay. Well, we’re going to talk when you get home.'

I knew I was going to be kicked out of the house.

As I was sitting in the car with her, I started sloppy crying explaining how the parents would be kicking me out. She kinda just embraced me and said 'not if I can help it. I’m going to talk to mom before anything happens when we get home.'

We just kinda talked while she drove me home and I was so happy she had my back. She did end up talking my mom and dad out of kicking me out of the house. I love her so much for being there for me when I was at my lowest."