"I was working at Chipotle. Some of the managers are extreme narcissists, especially when hired from outside because they've never had to go through a proper training. They'd just spout the book and tell you rules or instructions that they themselves could never adhere to.

One time, after my wife and son had spent a combined 13 weeks in the prenatal ward and newborn intensive care unit, I was working 'clopen' shifts, which meant I left about midnight, and returned at 7:30 am. As a rule, each PIECE of barbacoa beef or carnitas is supposed to be shredded to the size of a tooth pick. Yes, every piece. Also, you get five minutes to shred 2.5 pounds of it that way. When you're the only cook, you're cooking chicken, steak, barbacoa beef, carnitas, rice, beans, as well as simultaneously making sure nothing on the line is low. It's a two-person job, and I was doing it alone.

It was the middle of a lunch rush, with a line clear out the door. My manager came to me, with a salsa cup size of barbacoa beef that wasn't shredded to 'tooth pick size,' and said I was getting written up. I took the cup off the counter and launched it into his face. I grabbed my stuff, and when I was walking out the door, he had the audacity to ask me to stay since 'Nobody can do the job like you.' Yeah, I'm well aware idiot. Now you get to train and pay two people to do my job. He and the assistant manager were both fired a few months later for firing and harassing employees without following protocol."