Celebrities make everything look good, even cults apparently. For this Reddit user, however, the severity of what he joined hit him hard and he needed out.

"I got in way too deep into that religion Tom Cruise is a part of, but I can't name it for fear of death. I had to flee the state I was living in at the time after I got out of that group. I got so far into this group, I paid them about $500,000, which was a painful amount of money. I managed to get into the inner circle of my region's branch. I was also very good with a weapon, so they entrusted me to drive a car filled with about three huge duggle bags full of money. I asked them out of curiosity how much was in these bags, and it was to the tune of $6 million. How they managed to fit $2 million in each duffle bag, I'll never know. SO I had to deliver this money to a helicopter that was one hundred miles away, in the middle of absolutely nowhere, in order for it to be transported to the Cayman Islands for some reason. I then decided, 'Alright, enough is enough, I gotta get out.'

Part of the route, about fifty-two miles in, was a twisty road in a forested area, where there was a large drop with nobody around for miles. So I thought, 'Alright, do I run off with the cash and get out of the country? Or should I deliver the cash and run?'

I chose the former option. I checked for tracking devices, planted the ones I found in the bags all over the car, took two of the duffle bags, left the third opened in the also opened trunk, put my phone in the car, tossed everything but my driver’s license and some other personal info in my wallet all through the car, found a heavy rock, turned the car on, dropped the rock on the gas, and got out of the way before running as fast as I could away. I managed to find some guy who was going the same way I was who was going to go fishing, and I asked if he could give me a ride to the nearest city. I think it was Montpelier, where I caught a flight up to Winnipeg. I found some guys who could launder the cash for me in exchange for $670,000. I accepted it and got to work canceling my old bank account and cutting off my ties to them. A week later, I called up and told my friends that I won a month-long getaway to Canada, and I said that I ended up losing my phone and had to get a new one. I said that I intended to tell them sooner, but I forgot about the trip at the last minute and had to run fast. My friend told me that he heard the news of the incident, but while the authorities had no idea who did it (I gave the fisherman $5,000 to lie and say he offered a ride, but was rebuffed and went on his merry way), the cult knew, and that I was marked kill on sight for them. Apparently the cult would make back those losses and more in a couple of weeks. This all happened a couple of decades ago. They haven't found me since."