Reddit user unwritten29 may not have guessed her reply to a Facebook post would be the start of a great adventure. With the help of her sister, this relationship moves in the right direction.

"My boyfriend and I met on Facebook through my sister, who knew him through past coworkers she interned with at his job which is the local tv news station (so he’s is one of the news reporters in town). So I added him on Facebook because she said we had things in common. He added me back, but we never said a word to each other for a whole month. So any interaction we gave each other was liking memes and posts we posted on our timelines.

So one day he asks any local people which state fair is better Iowa or Minnesota (we are in Iowa). So I felt not to only make this our ice breaker but also helping out a person who’s not from the area.

I told him 'Iowa is better but I’ve never been to Minnesota’s so don’t take my word for it.'

Then he replied jokingly about how 'I was being a little biased.'

When my sister saw our messages, she got so excited she took my phone and made a date for us the next day.

So we went to the local brewery just to sit down and chat. I told him I couldn’t stay long because I had a family reunion going on in the neighboring town over and he understood. And we clicked instantly. We found out we had so many things in common, we couldn’t stop laughing. We eventually left because it was getting too loud, and we couldn’t hear each other. He also has high functioning autism, and the crowd and music were getting too much for him. So we walked outside and talked some more. We walked around downtown, the little park in the middle of the town, and then he walked me to my car. We just kept talking as if we were just long lost friends catching up. Sometimes we would just stop, and he would look at me and do that half-smile chuckle you see in the movies when the character is starting to fall in love with the other character. When we got to my car, we exchanged phone numbers and he asked me if I could be his date to one of the sports news anchor’s going away party the next day. So I agreed. At this point it was so late we spent 3 and a half hours just talking, but my family was pretty cool with it because my last relationship consisted of me being left at the altar. So they were pretty excited and could tell I liked him too

The next day came, and I was anxious as heck. It was awkward as heck when I got there because it was all these news people I watched growing up and it was just surreal. When the guest of honor left, we walked out and he walked me to my car and talked just the two of us for another hour. We hugged and took our first picture. From then on, we kept texting each other whenever we could (I even helped on a news story), and about a week later we became a couple.

Our 1 year anniversary is coming up. Since then, we've gone to the Minnesota state fair, our first trip to the Mall of America, 3 baseball games, 5 states, spent the weekend in Canada for a hockey game, and we are in the current planning on going to Seattle for our anniversary. We are pretty lucky to be doing all of this within one year, but if we couldn’t I would be okay with it cause he’s been my new favorite adventure."