"I'm a server at a popular 24-hour diner chain. I tend to work odd hours, and this particular evening it was from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. These tend to be very slow hours at said diner. We can go hours without a single customer. Except for tonight. This lady and her son, who looks to be no more than twelve, come in for breakfast at midnight. They stay at the restaurant until 3 a.m. Three hours. The worst three hours of my life. This lady behaves almost antithetical to how manners would dictate one should behave in public. She snaps her fingers at me, yells at me, calls me slow (even though I'm running back and forth for her a million miles a minute), swears at me, and asks me if I'm pregnant multiple times (I'm a little heavyset, but I don't look THAT bad).

At 3 a.m., I give her the bill. It's almost $100 for the two of them, because she ordered so much. She's flabbergasted and exclaims, 'What do you mean $98.79?! You seriously think you're getting a tip after this, you little turd?'

I reply, 'That is the bill, ma'am.'

This lady exclaims, 'I'm outraged! I'm filing a report with the police! I'm writing to my congressman about this!'

Her poor kid. They both leave and I don't get a tip. In fact, she was a penny short on her bill (I didn't realize until after she paid and left, but whatever). I really hope things go better today. I've requested that my manager ban her if she ever shows up again, but he didn't give me an answer."