Some neighbors are the worst! There are the overbearing ones, the wild ones, and even worse creepy ones! One of the members from our Storyblend Facebook Group shared their story about their ultimate creepy neighbor.

"Many, many years ago I found this beautiful vintage apartment that was a large duplex made into 4 apartments. It was in a great neighborhood where I'd always wanted to live. It was priced well within my budget, actually cheap for such an amazing area of the city. My kiddo's school was up the street. My job was 7 minutes away. Most importantly: the apartment meant I could move and get out of my emotionally/mentally abusive relationship!

After living there for a couple of days, I met Creepy Neighbor who we are going to call CN for short. 

CN lived in the house next door, which was also a block of apartments, with his girlfriend whom I never met. CN wanted to say hello and welcome us. 

He had long beautiful hair which is important for later parts of my story. Normally, I'm not a fan of long hair on men, but his was pretty. I didn't mention it to him because I know that men and compliments can be a tricky combo. 

Anyways, I merely thought that the introduction was nice and neighborly.

My schedule at the time was predictable. I dropped my kiddo off at school every morning by 8. On Tuesdays & Thursdays, I worked days and went straight to work. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I worked evenings and I would usually be at home all day. 

By the third week of living there, CN knew my schedule and would "randomly", yet regularly and sometimes more than once, drop by my place soon after I returned from dropping off my son at school. I never let him into my place and I never gave any indication of interest in him. I was polite but firm with my refusals. I just wanted to tell him to get lost, because he always tried to get me to invite him inside my place or would try convincing me to go over to his place.

He was always telling me about items that he wanted to show me, a book or poster or whatever. It was rather annoying because those mornings were "Me Time". 

My plans on those days were to drink coffee, relax, and maybe watch some Netflix before I started doing my daily adult responsibilities. My plans did not involve trying to deflect some guy who would not take the hint and leave me alone. But that's what I ended up doing on a near daily basis for a couple of months! 

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, he was always outside when I would get home from work. I had 20 minutes to change out of my uniform before picking up my son. But with CN being outside it seemed like he was just doing nothing and waiting for me. He would corner me and try talk my ear off about how much drugs he used to smoke and sell, while I would be inching my way to my front door. Then bam my free time was gone and I had to pick up my kid wearing my uniform that I really wanted to change out of. At least I had an excuse to leave!

The last straw happened one morning while I was lying on my couch watching a movie. I had rearranged my living room the day before and could now look out the picture window from the vantage of the couch. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and looked outside. 

It's CN. Tiptoeing barefoot, like a caricature all hunched up, on his toes, moving slowly, and looking in my window! I opened my front door and tried my best to be rude. Instead, I told him nicely to get lost, because for some reason I can't help but be polite, in spite of the pure creepiness of the situation.

Later that same day I talked to my uncle and mentioned to him all of the creepy things about CN. My uncle asks if I have his phone number. I gave it to my uncle because why not? Maybe if my uncle says to stay away from me, CN will leave me alone. 

Two days later, there's a knock on my door. It's creepy neighbor. WITH A SHAVED HEAD!!! 

I'm staring at his prickly scalp and wondering 'where the heck is all that beautiful hair?' when he tells me he wanted to drop by and say goodbye because he's moving tomorrow. 

Tomorrow? Tomorrow, oh, ok. Have a nice life! Bye! 

He doesn't say anything about the hair and I don't ask because I didn't care.

The next day I talked to my uncle again and he asked if there's anything new in my life. I excitedly told him that the creepy neighbor is moving.  My uncle then told me that he called from a blocked number and when CN answered all my uncle said was "I've finally found you" and hung up. Makes you wonder about Creepy Neighbor, doesn't it?!?! Can't help but wonder about all the drugs he smoked and sold."