"Something Just For Me"

"My wife has long hair and on car trips she always puts it up in a ponytail for easy management. When we get close enough to where we are going she sits up and looks out the window like an eager kitten with the cutest most intense interest in everything going by at 60mph. Her head goes left to right, left to right left to right... I don't know why she doesn't just use her eyes, but it makes her ponytail bounce and dance around behind her head. It's one of my secret things I love about her... Just being so interested in new places and so freaking cute without knowing it.

She catches me cheesing at her and asks what, I always just say, 'Something that's just for me, I love you.'"

"She Can't Help It"

"My wife makes herself immediately liked by everyone she meets by asking them a million questions about their life. I sometimes joke that it’s like the Spanish Inquisition but she can’t help it. It’s just a genuine deep interest in other people and it’s always apparent that’s all it is. Then the second time she’ll meet them she’ll remember all these little details about their life and they’ll love her for it. Like with sales people remembering their customer’s kids’ names except it’s 100% genuine and she has no incentive to do it.

"It's Adorable And I Love It"

"My girlfriend sometimes says her L’s in a strange way that I’ve only heard from one other person who has a speech impediment. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s adorable and I love it."

"I Find This Super Attractive"

"My wife was out running this morning and spotted a neighbor's recycling bin on the curb - but it's trash day. We barely know them - I think we've met them twice - but she knows they have mobility issues. So after checking the bin to confirm it is indeed recycling, she goes and swaps it for their garbage. Then carries on her way. That's her all over, and yes, I find this super attractive."

"Made Me Fall Harder For Her"

"I have a crush who is slow on catching on to a joke, teasing or stuffs like that. There was this one time where we went to a convenience store and the cashier asked for money by saying '5 dollars.'

To which she replied 'Yes' and just stood there waiting for god knows what.

The cashier was confused and me, knowing her, laughed my butt off. But she still didn't get it, to which I told her, 'Pay 5 bucks to the cashier for the items.'

To which she proceed to apologize many times. So darn cute. But she's not exactly a klutz. Just sometimes, these rare 'events' happened. Made me fall harder for her every single time."