This story has to be one of the creepiest I've heard. At first it wasn't a big deal, just some prank calls. But then it started escalating and the person on the other end did not want to be seen. Why are they getting so close? What do they want? Who are they?

"This was about 5-6 years ago. I've been getting silent calls for a while. Sometimes silent, sometimes just music. They never talked and they did not hang up until I did. It was a hidden number of course. After a while, the doorbell thing started happening. Someone would ring my doorbell late at night. 1-2 or 3 am. It was clear that it wasn't someone I knew. The first couple of times, I assumed it was an accident. Someone pushing the wrong button etc. After a few times, I became annoyed and tried to see who it was, looking down from my window. The ground floor of the building was a little convenience store. They had a sunshade thing over their store, and whoever it was, they always stayed very close to the building so I could never see the person. They would walk under the sunshade, stick to the side of the building, and not step into the street until they reached the corner.

I was never able to see them and it seemed like they were actually trying to stay hidden. Normally, I would go to sleep around the time most people got up for work, then I would stay up all night. One day, I stayed awake through the morning and noon, and fell asleep on my couch sometime in the afternoon and woke up to a dark apartment. I realized what woke me up, a whisper. Someone was whispering. I stayed very still to hear it. It was coming from the door. I got up very, very slowly. It took me forever to get up from the couch and walk 4 steps to the door because i was trying so hard to stay silent. I looked from the peephole. The building was dark, but i could see someone there. There's a guy there, standing, his head down, wearing a hat, whispering. Since he was so close to the door, I couldn't see him very well, but he was wearing dark clothing and a brimmed hat.

Since the peephole did not provide a good enough angle, I couldn't tell if he was talking on the phone or talking to himself. Then I thought if he tries to call me, my phone shouldn't ring because he's gonna hear it. I walked back to the living room, took my phone and turned it off. When I came back and looked, he was standing a few steps back, still whispering. Then he left. About a week after that, I woke up around noon and after a few hours, I ordered some food. When I closed the door after my food was delivered, it closed very easily and quietly. I was shocked because my door was weird and it would not close unless you slammed it really hard. This time...just, click. It closed without a sound. I looked at the lock. It was messed up. It was a big metal door and the edges right near the lock were full of scratches and it was mangled and bent. Someone messed the door up pretty bad. I walked around the apartment, there was no trace of anyone being inside. Nothing was stolen. I called a locksmith to change and fix the lock and the door. He said whoever did it, definitely managed to open the door. I got 4 security cameras installed around the apartment windows and my door. I guess I could have moved, but I was pissed. I wanted to catch him more than I wanted to deter him. He never came back"