Usually first dates aren't absolutely terrifying. But for this unfortunate fellow, he figured out just what to do at the last possible second!

"I went on a first date with this woman whom I thought was very cute, but I had some reservations. She was attractive, intelligent, and well-mannered, but she came up in a really hard environment. She wanted to stop at her friend's house after we went to see a movie. As she was giving me directions, I noticed I was driving into a side of town I usually avoided. This was a very bad place. There were bars on the windows, roaming pit bulls, and police were patrolling in the neighborhood all the time. Well after we arrived, I was instantly uncomfortable. There were a lot of people in this house who were smoking, playing cards, and heavily drinking. I can read people pretty well, and the majority of these people had 'prison' or 'recently released from prison' all over them.

We went to another room to chat with her friend. After about fifteen minutes or so, I had the strongest urge to leave. I wanted OUT of there. I told my 'date' that I wanted to run to get gas in my car and play some lottery numbers real quick. She merely said, 'That’s cool,' and went back to her conversation.

I left and went straight home. I found out the following day that there was a raid in that same house, roughly three hours after I left. The cops arrested multiple people. Thank GOD I didn’t stick around. I could’ve been guilty by association!"