Reddit user vargas shares the time he waited out the longest and his last shift as manager at his restaurant franchise for the ultimate payout.

"It was the last day I was filling in as a manager for a restaurant in the franchise I was working for. It was the first time I was working with this girl named Jenny, though. She was working a Saturday double and would be there the whole day, so I promised myself I would give her my phone number before I left.

I started work at 7am. I was supposed to be done around 5pm. Well, 5pm rolls around and I am too nervous to say anything. So I mess around for a bit, doing little things until I could get her alone. Unfortunately, the dinner rush begins. This restaurant is short-handed as it is, so I stay on longer, cooking, doing dishes, and talking to tables. At one point, they ran out of mushrooms so I had to go to the grocery store to pick up more. This goes on for several hours.

Anyway, midnight rolls around and things finally begin to slow down. All the staff is looking at me like I'm some hero because I just worked 17 hours straight. Jenny is counting her money by herself at this point, and is getting ready to leave in a few minutes. I told myself it was now or never. I would never have another chance to ask her out.

I sat down next to her, wrote my number on her server pad, and basically said 'Hey, here's my number in case you want to hang out sometime. Don't feel like you have to call cause we will never see each other again so it won't be awkward.'

I got up to leave and she followed me. She stopped me at the door and told me she was interested. What happened next had never happened to me ever when I've asked a girl out. She took my hand in hers and told me she would call me. Then, she kissed me on the cheek and walked away.

I was on cloud 9 the two following days waiting for her to call, which she did. Our first date consisted of walking my dog, eating Taco Bell, watching Ghost Adventures, watching Moulin Rouge, and making love. This was 3 years ago. We've been together ever since and have a two year old (I know)."