"I ran an ice cream shop. I must have had to say, 'Actually, I am the manager,' at least once a week.

My favorite was this woman I eventually banned from the shop. She would come in with her husband and bratty kids. Then she would try to order a large (three scoops) and ask me to put it in three single scoop cups, but only charge for the large.

I said no. You either order three single scoops or you order a large. The difference in cost is quite a bit, but it's fairly standard for companies to do it this way. I wasn't having it. She got mad that I wouldn't do it.

First, she said, 'Well the manager let me do it last week.'

'No, I didn't,' I told her flatly.

'Well then, whoever was working let me do it and they said they were the manager.'

'No, they didn't. I believe my workers over you.'

'Well, I want to talk to the manager.'

'I am the manager. You are talking to me. I said no.'

'Fine!' And she and her little family stormed out without any ice cream. No skin off my back. She was rude to me and my workers, I wasn't going to let her treat us that way.

Then she called the shop the next day when I was working again.

She said, 'Hello, I need to speak to the manager.'

'Speaking. How can I help you?'

'I was in there yesterday and some little hussy lied and said she was the manager, but she wouldn't let me get what I wanted...'

'That hussy was me. You're banned from our location. Don't come back.'

She tried to call corporate to report me. Corporate outsources complaints to the manager with the highest rating in the area. Which was me. So when she called corporate to complain about me, she also got me. I wrote up the details of the conversation and forwarded all of her messages to the district manager, and he agreed with my decision and allowed me to send her an email officially banning her from the store."