"I was dating a guy (for about six months, which you'll soon understand why) when we went to a Subway sandwich store to grab something quick for lunch, as we had a full day planned.

As we were walking in, I suddenly recalled this store never seemed to have Italian Herb and Cheese bread. Regrettably, I wondered out loud to my date as we were entering, if they were going to have it this time.

We got to the counter and the young man, maybe 17 years old, asked us for our order. I started to give mine, when my date spoke over me, asking him if they had the Italian Herb and Cheese bread. I realized he was just trying to impress me by showing he remembered what I liked on my Subway, which we had ordered only once before, a few months back. So, I figured I would give him this moment, although I was a little taken aback by the fact he had just rudely interrupted me, speaking over me. I had to mentally tell myself he was unaware of his rude action and his intent was to be gentlemanly.

The young man replied to his demanding question of if they had that bread in stock with, 'What would you like on it?'

My date responded, 'Do you have the Italian Herb and Cheese bread?'

Again, the young man answered with, 'What toppings would you like on it?'

For the third time, this guy says, in a very loud, aggressive, and condescending tone, 'It's yes or no! Do. You. Have. The. Italian. Herb. And. Cheese. Bread?'

The counter kid responded in an equally condescending tone, 'Yes. What. Do. You. Want. On. It?'

My date said, 'Finally, you learned how to answer the question! Sheesh!'

He went on to place our orders, giving me a sideways look like, 'See how I handled him? Yeah! I'm the man!’

All I could do was stand there, stunned! I had never seen anyone treat any type of service employee so rudely! His attempt to impress me, by showing he remembered what I liked on my Subway, made me feel guilty as if I was somehow complicit in his idiotic treatment of this kid. We were both in our early 40's and this could've been my son."

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