"My dog doesn’t let her toy carrot out of her sight, never ever let anyone touch it, etc. She protects it as if her life depends on it. She growls, snarks, and even bit my mom once when she tried to wash it.

I had been going through a really hard time, and one day, I was crying on my bedroom floor.

At first, she just came and laid next to me (which in and of itself is adorable), and then she brought me her carrot. At first, I didn’t react much because I was crying, so she started nudging it at me and poking me with it. She then got on my lap and put it on my chest and it made me happy cry even more. Once I took it, she just sat down next to me. It was so pure. She gave me what she felt was the most important thing ever and waited for the effect it was going to have on me.

We. Don’t. Deserve. Dogs."