"A few months ago, I matched with a guy on a dating app. Things seemed to be going well over chat, so we ended up meeting for a date.

As soon as we met, I had a bad feeling about him: not as if he was a creep but I just had a vibe we weren't going to progress further. He seemed a bit off and not as friendly as he appeared online. I thought I might as well have a meal and chalk this down to experience if this doesn't pan out.

Anyway, during the course of the meal, alarm bells began to go off when he started referring to women as 'stupid and pointless,' and only good for 'one thing.' I began to get really uncomfortable and was trying to think of a good excuse to leave. Of course, I got naturally defensive and said talking about a woman like that was derogatory. Then, he started to complain that there were vegetables in his burger, referring to the lettuce. He proceeded to pick it out, calling the waitress who took our order a 'dumb woman' because he specifically said no vegetables in his meal.

Said lettuce ended up landing in my purse, which was my breaking point. I finally said that I had to go, because honestly at that point I felt like shoving the lettuce in his fat, misogynist face. To say I ran as fast I could to my car is an understatement. Luckily, I got to the restaurant before we met up, and so he didn't know my parking spot.

As soon as I got in my car, I ended up unmatching him from the dating app and blocked his cell phone number.

Later on, I received a text from another number saying, 'Hey it's 'Brad'. I know pretty much all I need to know about you, so let's sleep together soon?'

Like what the heck? It sounded so creepy like he was analyzing me to see if I was suitable to sleep with. And going by the way I ran off like I was on fire and blocked him should've told him I wasn't interested! I didn't reply to him obviously and blocked that number.

Then, I got another message from another number saying 'member teasing brat,' and 'I'll see you again one day, and then I.'"