"Cats are just super chill with me. I guess I just got a homie pass from the feline community, and nobody informed me. Wish I could get that mojo with humans. Someone's outside cat, named Specky, let itself into my house one day, and after contacting the owner, I brought him back to his home. He kept coming back, to the point where his owner eventually said it was cool for him to stay over. Specky would just chill on my lap and watch television. When he was done, he would meow for me to open the door. Ever had a stray hop in your car and ride to the gas station and back with you? He would just chill in the passenger seat. My wife and friends make jokes because stray cats basically flock to me. I have had them just walk into my house like they lived there. Most times, they just follow me around begging for belly rubs. My doctor of veterinary medicine found out, and he genuinely started putting me with all of the feline patients. I got bitten once through my entire career as a vet tech, after holding the cat for over an hour. He nipped my finger when I tried to hand him back to his owner. My own wife is hesitant to get a cat, because of the very real possibility that it will ignore her completely when I'm around. That was her actual argument when I asked if we could adopt a cat."