"When online dating first came out I decided to give it a try. I was matched with a gentleman who lived about 25 miles from me. On the day of our date, that ended up being a 2-hour drive in traffic. Yes, he asked if I would come to him.

When I got to his place, he asked me to come inside and see his aquarium. I went inside to find a house with no furniture and a piranha tank in the corner. I watched this guy feed his piranhas, then against my better judgement, we set off on the world’s worst date. He offered to drive, but 5 minutes from his home, he announced we had to go get his car washed since it was his little sister’s graduation the next day and he didn’t want to 'roll up in a filthy car.'

I asked if he could please just drive me back to my car as clearly he doesn’t want to be on a date, and neither did I. But instead, I found myself sitting on a bench at a car wash while this guy bought two bottles of malt drink from the convenience store next door. He proceeded to crack one open, offering me the other. I declined and informed him that drinking at the car wash is surely not permitted. Sure enough, an employee came over and told him to throw it out. I once again asked to please be driven back to my car. But this guy insisted we get something to eat. At the time, I didn’t have a cell phone (it was that long ago) so I agreed to get something to eat if we could just go back to my car afterward. He took me to some cheap sandwich shop then hid in the bathroom when it was time to pay. I sat there for 10 minutes before just paying the freaking check. Not surprisingly, he showed up immediately after I paid.

On the drive home, he stopped once again, this time to get gas. He got out of the car to pump the gas and looked at the woman at the pump next to us, pointed into the car at me, and exclaimed, 'This girl can’t keep her hands off my junk!' I was mortified. It felt like I was on a prank show.

Fortunately, he dropped me off at my car right after this. I ran out of that car as soon as he set it in park, and I didn’t look back. I could hear him screaming after me: 'Where are you going? I thought we were gonna bone!'

I need to add that I was very young and stupid when this took place. Never ever go inside a strange man’s house on a first date. Always meet at a public location. If you feel unsafe, leave. No matter how rude or awkward you feel leaving, it’s not worth risking your personal safety."