"Last year, my mother decided to take me to a small but quiet and peaceful summer resort. On the third day of our vacation, my mother and I were waiting at the bus stop. For some reason, that day I left my phone at the hotel and my mother's phone was not working properly. We had nothing on ourselves but beach stuff.

The vehicle was supposed to arrive at five, but there was no trace of it. It turned almost six pm, nothing was happening yet, and the sun was beginning to settle. We got seriously worried because it was our only way of transportation. Not to mention, the bus stop was pretty creepy. The place was giving me a terrifying vibe and I just wanted to escape from there. I had the feeling something was seriously wrong at this place. Thank god we weren't all alone, there were two other elderly women and a girl who couldn't have been older than 17 at the time. They left a few minutes later.

As our bus seemed to have disappeared into thin air and we were getting upset, a man approached us. He said he worked as a taxi driver for the resort. I knew he wasn't lying, I'd seen his colleagues earlier. He offered to drive us to the village where our hotel was. Something in me was screaming to not go with him, but I thought I was overreacting. My mother gladly agreed since we were already fed up with waiting. The voice inside me was getting louder and louder. The moment we got up and started walking to his car, I froze.

It was like someone was screaming right into my ear. I had this pain in my chest, I began to sweat, fear had gone through all of my body. At this point, I realized what it was.

I whispered to my mother, 'Mom please, I don't want to go please, I beg you, the bus will be here soon I can wait, please.'

I noticed how it hit her as if she just realized the danger of going into a stranger's car with her teenage daughter. She apologized to the man and told him we changed our mind. He was visibly angry with us, he tried to persuade us to get into the vehicle. The driver was so furious with us, he attempted to grab my arm, but I backed off quickly.

I said to him, 'We'll be okay sir, thank you for your offer. We'd rather take the bus, to enjoy the view. Don't you take it's pretty at sunset?'

Somehow, that managed to convince him or he simply realized we were not going anywhere, so he just walked away.

Fortunately, our bus arrived just 10 minutes after this strange encounter. We made it back to the hotel, alive and well. Two days after, I went to the bar as usual to get something to eat and I saw the receptionist. She asked me if I was enjoying my stay, to which I replied I was loving it, except for one weird experience two days prior.

She was shocked by what I told her, and after a short pause, she said, 'How did this man look, do you know his name or his taxi number?'

Of course, I didn't have the slightest idea, and I was wondering why the heck she was asking me about this. She pulled out her phone and typed in something and showed me an article that read, 'Local taxi driver accused of murdering two teenage girls.'

The article was from one day ago, meaning this man went for those girls on the same night we refused his services. I never told my mother, I didn't want her to blame herself for the rest of her life. Had it not been for my strong intuition, I would not be alive today."