"Years ago, I was on my way to work on Interstate 680 north in San Ramon, California. Back then, there was no divider between the north and south, just a median of grass, which at that time of year was fairly dried out. The road is straight and flat there and I could see probably a half-mile ahead.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a cloud of dust rising and spotted a car in the median strip, traveling southbound. It was probably about 1,000 feet away. Then I saw it emerge from the dust cloud. A Mercedes sports car. It passed from the southbound through the median and onto the northbound side.

And there it hit head-on with a car in the northbound lane.

The two cars spun 360 degrees and came to a stop in the passing lane of the northbound side.

I was still some distance away and had music on my radio. So I didn’t hear the collision, just saw it. It was like watching a silent movie in real-time. Very surreal. Fortunately, this was still early in the morning and there wasn’t a lot of traffic. The other drivers and I, traveling north, were able to slow and pass in the slow lane.

My guess is the Mercedes driver was trying to pass in the southbound passing lane and went a bit too far and hit gravel/grass and lost control.

Miraculously, no one was seriously injured."