Have you ever heard a plan so unbelievably stupid that it actually works? Well in the case of this tattoo artist, he's about to see his client's seemingly regrettable tattoo save the day in the end.

"I try not to judge, but I have a difficult time not doing so sometimes. The most interesting tattoo I've ever done was on a guy who came in wanting the words, 'Bridget, I'm sorry. I was wrong. I love you.' I would say it was the dumbest tattoo I have ever done, but getting the full picture made it even worse. The story goes like this: a 38-year-old guy was dating and living with his girlfriend of two years. She wanted to get married. He was reluctant because she didn't fit some ideas he had in his head for his long-term partner. 

They were all superficial things: she was shorter than he liked, and she was blonde. He preferred brunettes. So she left him. Two months later, he realizes he made a huge mistake. The only problem is that she's moved on and is dating someone else, and she has made it clear that she's not interested. This is when this gentleman comes to get the tattoo that is going to solve all of his problems. He tells me that he's arranged to have dinner with her in a week. He intends to plead for her to come back to him, and when she inevitably doubts his sincerity, he will reveal his tattoo as a sign of his commitment. I try to talk him out of it, but he's an adult, sober, and of seemingly sound mind. I have to do the tattoo.

Cut to that very next day. It's my day off. I'm at my friend's subdivision pool, and I notice this guy who is remarkably attractive. He's also playing around with some of the kids there and I lean over to my friend and inquire into this dude's identity. She tells me about how he's the new boyfriend of her pretty blonde neighbor who had just gotten out of a long term relationship. Her name? You guessed it. Bridget. In the flesh. At this point, I'm wriggling with the excitement of seeing this girl in person, and with the anxiety of having knowledge of what is about to happen to her without being able to reveal it. We all know how this is going to end. Bridget sees the tattoo, freaks the heck out, and this guy leads the rest of his life with an uncomfortable tattoo. But that's not what happened!

This guy has dinner with Bridget. She sees the tattoo, and she completely changes her mind. She breaks up with her boyfriend and gets back together with her ex. And then three months later, they get engaged. They have a destination wedding, and they are still married today. I know this because I saw both of them at that same pool three and a half months later. They both came over and Bridget gave me a big hug and thanked me. And that's my story of how the dumbest tattoo I've ever done ended up being not dumb at all. I wouldn't recommend anyone else trying it though."