"I had gone to this bar back home with a few friends, and afterward everyone was supposed to go to this house party. I was game to go from the moment I was invited. Halfway through the night, I had this gut feeling to not go. I told my best friend she shouldn’t go, but she insisted that she wanted to go because there were a few cute guys there. I couldn’t shake the feeling we shouldn’t go, but she talked me into it.

When we got in my car to head to the party, the gut feeling was worse. I grew up around cars and drive a manual (my best friend is completely clueless when it comes to cars), so I deliberately grinded the gears and jerked the car and made it stall, acting like something was wrong. I pretended to try to fix what wasn’t broken and after about 15-20 minutes of 'fixing' my car, cops and fire trucks followed by EMS flew by us.

I 'fixed' my car, but told my best friend I just wasn’t feeling well. She agreed and said my car breaking down ruined her mood, so we went back to my place to watch movies. About an hour after getting home, we got a call from a friend of ours saying that the girl who owned the house and who was throwing the party was cheating on her husband. He was deployed and came back in leave to surprise her, and caught her in bed with his buddy. Dude pulled a weapon and started shooting at this girl and his friend while everyone else fled the house."